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Why Clinicians Come to the Sclar Center

There are two basic groups of clinicians who come to the Sclar Center.

Specialists come to learn more advanced surgical procedures and how to diagnosis, plan, and treat more advanced cases. If they have a lot of experience in dental implant surgery, they often come to fill in voids in their previous dental implant surgery training in the areas of soft tissue and hard tissue dental implant site development, advanced soft tissue esthetics and periodontal plastic surgery, immediate function procedures with dental implants, tissue engineering procedures for alveolar ridge augmentation, and the avoidance and management of complications in dental implant therapy.

General Dentists come to gain a sound foundation of knowledge about dental implants and discern if this is an area of expertise they would like to develop for their own practices. They know that however far they go on their personal dental implant learning journey, they will be better prepared to work with one or more interdisciplinary specialists with expertise in dental implant surgery.

Why Specialists Choose the Sclar Center

Specialists come to the Sclar Center because the curriculum is comprehensive, it allows them to enter at their personal level of knowledge and experience, and it empowers them to take their dental implant practices to the highest level. They also come because:

  • Every course is a combination of didactic presentations, open discussion, observation of live surgery with interactive conversation during surgery — and under my personalized instruction, hands-on surgical practice using cadaveric specimens or simulated anatomic models in our high-tech simulation lab.
  • With a congruent philosophy of learning, and stepped up levels, they gain competence and confidence without setbacks.
  • It is a noncompetitive environment where learning is a joy and they are surrounded by a passion for self-development.
  • They can bring their surgical assistant with them for a parallel course that is a world-class experience for their assistant and empowers them to implement their new learning.
  • We care about them personally and work to make every learning experience they have with us exceptional.
  • The Sclar Center’s courses are among the best values available, and specialists can find a level of learning that best fits their previous learning and experience.


Why General Dentists Choose the Sclar Center

General dentists come to the Sclar Center for Essentials courses to:

  • Develop a solid foundation for working with their interdisciplinary team of specialists to offer their patients the best dentistry has to offer today for long term, predictable, best function and esthetics.
  • Experience doing dental implants to see if this is an area of expertise they would like to develop.

In all cases, they have the desire to:

  • Advance their practices to accommodate implant solutions that offer their patients the best Dentistry has to offer.
  • Stay up to date with Dentistry.
  • Take every opportunity to build a personal reputation for excellence.
  • Foster a successful revenue stream from comprehensive restorative cases.

In the Foundational Essentials, they learn about the development of dental implants, the variety of implants, indications and risks, diagnostic work-up, esthetic and functional considerations, treatment options, case planning, and how to do straightforward implant for partially edentulous patients. With state-of-the-science knowledge and novice skills they are better prepared to:

  • Develop collaborative relationships with one or more dental specialists who are highly trained and experienced in dental implants to fully diagnose, case plan and provide special surgical procedures.
  • With partially edentulous, soon to be edentulous, and edentulous patients, diagnose their patient’s circumstances, assess risks, discuss possible treatment options, and refer the patient to a dental implant specialist for further evaluation.
  • And, if they have a keen interest in dental implant surgeries, continue training in the Essentials course series to develop their knowledge and skills so they may grow in the types of procedures and cases they are competent to do themselves.

General dentists who come to the Sclar Center with their clinical assistants for the express purpose of getting a strong foundation for working with their interdisciplinary specialists, and also those who come back again for surgical skills advancement, find they are greatly empowered by observing my practice team in action.

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