Developing a Successful Dental Implant Practice Part 3: Distinguish Yourself

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Marketing gurus in our profession frequently tell us practice marketing begins with communicating our value proposition. If we are new in practice or shifting focus, they frequently tell us to envision what we want our practice to be like and set goals for ourselves that will develop our value and set us apart.

What are important distinguishers for a thriving implant dentistry practice?

This is a question that comes up regularly in our dental implant surgery training classes at the Sclar Center. I thought about this some more today, as the discussions this question opens up are very empowering to participants in our courses.

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Developing a Successful Dental Implant Practice Part 2: Attractiveness

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Students in my surgical training courses often seek my advice about developing a successful dental implant practice.

I tell them that beyond developing clinical competence and confidence in interdisciplinary diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment to achieve the best functional and esthetic results for their patients — and beyond developing excellent documentation and digital imagery for communication, they need to develop the trust and satisfaction of their patients and referring colleagues. They need to become an attractive practice that is thought about and talked about in the most positive terms.

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