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Developing a Successful Dental Implant Practice Part 1: Advice I Give

Students in my surgical training courses often seek my advice about developing a successful dental implant practice.

1. My first advice is to become competent through both didactic knowledge and psychomotor training to perform the clinical procedures that are in the best interest of patients for excellent function and esthetics, and to become confident by implementing this knowledge through a progression of experiences with straightforward implant cases, without complexity or complication, before advancing through more complex type cases. Clinicians should advance knowledge and skills through systematic training and experiences. I advocate learning, according to a system of advancing knowledge that we refer to at The Sclar Center as the “Sclar Dental Implant Knowledge Pyramid.” This ensures fundamental knowledge, prior to more advanced knowledge and eliminates a lot of frustration in the training process.The process takes time but, with intentional self-development, the clinician can achieve a high level of competence and confidence. During this development time, clinicians can refer complex cases and receive mentorship.

2. My second advice is to persevere towards the goal of developing their dental implant practice, seek encouragement from colleagues, and strive to create a philosophy of care that will advance them towards their goals. I tell them about my philosophy of care, which I will write about separately.

3. My third advice is to develop best practices in case documentation, including 3D digital imagery, for communication with patients and referring colleagues.

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