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Fifteen years ago, I organized a CE program to provide Instruction in Soft Tissue Management. A hundred seats sold out (to my amazement, as this was my first CE venture). The next year, I repeated the conference for a larger audience and it became known as ISTM. Each February, thereafter. I have presented the ISTM Annual Comprehensive Surgery Course for Novice and Experienced Implant Surgeons

In recent years, the conference has expanded to five days to cover all aspects of dental implant surgery. Today, ISTM stands for the Sclar Center’s comprehensive Implant Surgery Training Course, and we welcome participants from all parts of the world. For 10 years, we have sold out 150 seats and then wait listed hopeful attendees, especially for our hand-on surgical skills workshops. Don’t wait to register.

The purpose of this article is to update you on this year’s program and invite you to attend.

When and Where

ISTM 2013 will be held February 1-5, at The Miami Beach Resort and Spa on Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida. This magnificent, historic resort on the Atlantic Ocean features breathtaking ocean views and easy access to world-famous attractions. We have held the ISTM Course at this resort for many years. The service and support we receive there is truly exceptional.

Who Should Attend

Novice to experienced dental implant surgeons and their clinical assistants will benefit from this conference. Special tuition rates are available for early registration, those enrolled in residency programs, and staff members. All are welcome. Past attendees will tell you that this is one of the best, if not the best, dental implant surgery conferences they have ever attended.

What to Expect

  • We are offering a flexible 3-, 4- or 5-day program that allows you to customize what you attend, based on your previous experience and needs. Those who attend all five days of the general sessions (8:00 to 3:00) will receive 31.5 general session CE hours. You can sign-up for one or more limited attendance workshops (3:30-6:30) in order to perform simulated surgery under my guidance or focus on a special workshop topic.
  • If you are just starting out in implant dentistry, the full five-day experience will give you a solid foundation in all aspects of implant surgery practice. (Should you want to continue your surgery training with me, the five-day ISTM program will prepare you for attending the Sclar-Center Immersion CoursesTM, which are limited to 16 participants, at our state-of-the-art, hands-on surgery training center in Miami.)
  • If you are experienced in implant surgery, you will receive a wealth of new scientific information and the latest in evidence based protocols for patient evaluation, diagnosis, treatment planning and sequencing, implant surgery procedures for bone and soft tissue implant site development, implant placement, wound healing, esthetic risk assessment, and the avoidance and management of complications.
  • You’ll enjoy intensive learning each day in a friendly environment, and I will answer questions throughout the program.
  • Everyone will learn the latest materials science. I am excited about emergent regenerative technologies for implant dentistry and the product enhancements that have been made since I began this conference fifteen years ago. I have been using the latest technologies and have a lot to share from my experiences. I will be demonstrating a wide variety of products and techniques. ISTM 2013 is grateful to several sponsors, who are providing financial, material and/or equipment support. At this time, I can announce sponsorship from Osteohealth, Nobel, and Straumann.
  • All general sessions will include extensive video surgery, formal question and answer periods, and detailed course workbooks. Lunch will be provided in each of the general sessions. In the following schedule, general sessions are capitalized.


Friday, Feb. 1: 8:00-3:00 ESSENTIALS OF DENTAL IMPLANT SURGERY | 3:30-7:00 Regenerative Techniques and Technologies Forum: “The IDR Protocol”
Saturday, Feb. 2: 8:00-3:00 SOFT TISSUE GRAFTING & PERIODONTAL PLASTIC SURGERY | 3:30-6:30 Soft Tissue Grafting Workshop (limited attendance)
Sunday, Feb. 3: :00-3:00 INTRA-ORAL BONE GRAFTING | 3:30-6:30 Intra-Oral Bone Grafting and Implant Site Development Workshop (limited attendance)
Monday, Feb. 4: 8:00-3:00 DEMYTIFYING ESTHETICS |3:30-6:30 Choice of 3 limited attendance workshops: Soft Tissue Grafting (repeat), Prosthetic Concepts, and Case Presentation

Regenerative Techniques and Technologies Forum

I am excited about this year’s Regenerative Techniques and Technologies Forum on Friday. Drs. José Carlos Martins da Rosa, Marcos Alexandr e Fadanelli, and Ariádene Cristina Pértile de Oliveira Rosa will present the scientific basis, the step-by-step technique and indications for the IMMEDIATE DENTOALVEOLAR RESTORATION (IDR) PROTOCOL, a technique established to broaden indications for immediate loading on individual teeth, wherein tissue losses with varied extensions are reconstructed in the same surgical session of implant placement and provisional crown installation, reducing the number of interventions and keeping predictability on esthetic aspects. The IDR protocol was developed six years ago from the need to minimize the treatment time and morbidity of reconstructive procedures used in these cases. It was also the theme of the book of the same name launched in Portuguese language in 2010 and in Spanish language in 2012, by Santos Publishing (São Paulo – Brazil). This book will be released in English soon by Quintessence Publishing.

For More Information

For detailed information about what will be covered in each session and workshop (and to register), click here. Also feel free to email Dake Schwarte at the Sclar Center ( if you have questions.


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