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Treatment options for implant reconstruction of edentulous patients or those with terminal dentition include locator or bar/clip overdenture, fixed patient removable restorations retained by precision milled bars and superstructures or telescopic copings, and fixed emergence and hybrid implant prosthesis. Nevertheless, years of experience have taught me that the majority of these patients want a fixed implant restoration and hesitate to embark on a lengthy process that includes bone grafting and/or multiple staged procedures. Even though the All-on-4 procedure provides a life changing, graftless solution for many of these patients, I am a strong advocate for educating patients about all of their treatment options during the consultation process.

In order to do so, clinicians must be able to perform a focused patient evaluation early in the consultation to quickly determine if an immediate load fixed implant restoration is a viable option or if several procedures will be required to satisfy the patient’s treatment goals.

The advantages of being able to quickly determine and inform your patients about the feasibility of providing the treatment that they desire include:

  • exponential increase in patient acceptance,
  • avoidance of costly and time consuming diagnostic procedures, and
  • tremendous practice growth as patients perceive you as an expert and go out of their way to refer their friends and colleagues.

There is a great demand among patients for All-on-4 graftless solutions, and this presents a special opportunity for doctors to continue developing a dental implant practice and expand capabilities to treat edentulous patients and those with terminal dentitions. There are several very good learning opportunities out there for doctors who want to gain knowledge about the All-on-4 technique.

I have designed what I consider to be an ideal course for doctors with intermediate or advanced experience in implant dentistry, who are ready to offer this service at a high level for their patients. (Specialists, restorative dentists, and even CDTs, who have expertise in implants and are focusing on development of their implant practice, can benefit from this course.)

Our Sclar Center limited attendance, interdisciplinary course will expose participants to all prosthodontic, surgical and laboratory protocols and procedures required to deliver provisional and definitive All-on-4® full arch immediate load prosthesis. Teaching methodologies will include:

  • evidence based didactic and clinical presentations,
  • edited video presentations of surgical, prosthetic and laboratory procedures required for delivery of All-on-4® prosthesis,
  • live procedure observation, including surgical, prosthetic and laboratory conversion, and
  • start-to-finish “hands on” surgical and prosthetic procedures performed on anatomic models by all participants.

In addition, we will provide highly acclaimed Sclar Center treatment planning sessions and information on how to avoid, identify and treat intraoperative and postoperative complications. We will present and discuss vital consultation and case presentation skills required for successful practice implementation.

If you want to provide graftless solutions for edentulous patients and patients with terminal dentitions, this is the course I wish I could have had at my disposal when I started offering full arch immediate function in the late 90’s and more recently offering All-on-4® procedures — delivering amazing smiles and function for very appreciative patients.

In three days, totaling 24 CE hours, you will be taught, not just by me, but also by one of the most experienced prosthodontists and one of the most experienced CDTs in this business. Joining me will be Dr. Juan Diego Cardenas of Miami, FL, a highly skilled and experienced prosthodontist, who has lectured nationally and internationally on implant therapy and advanced cosmetic dentistry, and successfully delivered over 750 full-arch immediate-load implant prostheses. Also joining me will be Uli van Haussen, CDT, who has completed over 2,000 full-arch restorations in the past decade, including acrylic, screw-retained implant bar and hybrid, metal and/or zirconia supported prostheses. He has fabricated over 1,000 All-on-4® full-arch immediate-load prostheses.

I’m sure you can tell I am excited about this course.

UPDATE: The 2013 sessions of this course have filled. We will repeat the course on April 6-8 and September 28-30 of 2014.   Participation will be limited. Seats will fill early. A deposit of $1,500 will hold your seat. Details and registration for the course may be found on



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    Very interesting seminar!
    I think I’ll sign up for it.

  2. August 14, 2012


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