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In a general sense, we measure success at the Sclar Center by how consistent we are in achieving our core missions:



  • To empower our students by providing a comprehensive curriculum that is individualized to their professional goals, level of training and clinical experience in implant dentistry.
  • To ensure academic integrity and excellence by providing an unbiased educational experience.
  • To build our students’ scientific and clinical knowledge base using evidence bases information
  • To focus on “experiential learning” through unique teaching methodologies

Nevertheless, the Sclar Center is a private learning center with a public purpose to provide excellence in implant education for the dental community and a mission to “Give Back”  through our Sclar Center Cares program which  provides  pro-bono or low fee implant dentistry services to those in need within our community. Therefore, we also measure the success of the Sclar Center by changing patients lives.

We recognize that success is relative to each person’s own vision.

Here at the Sclar Center we have had many conversations about how else to best measure our success: course evaluations, number of students, profit, etc. After each course we review  the course evaluations and spend considerable time discussing how we can improve each course. Many of the evaluations contain glowing accolades related to all the aspects of the course. Is this a measure of our success? We used to think so but not anymore! What changed?

We had an epiphany…

… that the most critical measure of our success is to measure the post course success of our alumni in implementation of the knowledge and clinical skills learned at our center. We realized that over time a greater number of our students were communicating with increasing frequency about how quickly and how well they were able to implement what they had learned after attending one of the Sclar Center immersion courses. They also shared with us how they had experienced practice growth and a tremendous sense of professional satisfaction.

A recent example…

Within a few weeks of attending our All-on-4 course held in November 2013, a student sent us images of their first case. The Implants were in great position, and the restorative and lab components were perfect. Then we thought about it. Our students are regularly able to implement what is learned in a short period of time. That was the epiphany that created a paradigm shift in how we measure success.

We realized that the most important measure of our success at the Sclar Center is directly tied to the level of success experienced by our students.

The Sclar Center team was able to take a complex interdisciplinary subject like All-on-4 full arch immediate function and transfer the knowledge and skills with all of the details required for course participants to achieve success and practice growth by implementing a new procedure in their office!

You are probably wondering how our course impacted this particular doctor’s patients. How many of his or her patients are now able to receive a more definitive full arch immediate function restoration because of a 3-day course they attended in Miami—a course given by a small, dedicated and experienced team rather than a large University? Well, we continue to receive an increasing number of emails from a large percentage of our immersion course students sharing their successful esthetic implant cases, Periodontal plastic and peri-implant plastic surgery cases and All-on-4 full arch immediate function cases. Case after case has rolled-in. What an impact on the population! What an impact on the dental community! After several years in operation, we can now say we have set our “success bar” rather high.

At the Sclar Center, our team is proud to provide the highest level of evidence based and practical clinical implant education focused on experiential learning for our colleagues. We are also very proud that our learning center and methodologies have continuously evolved enabling an unprecedented level of success for our students. Finally, we experience a great deal of satisfaction from helping the patients who participate in our community service program for those patients who could never afford such services. Combined with our private Oral Surgery and Implant Dentistry practice, we derive a sense of purpose and happiness.

We encourage our readers to contemplate how they measure success in their lives, and we hope that they realize that the use of their talents in helping others provides the basis for a purpose driven life. 

Anthony G, Sclar DMD,  Founder and Education Director, Sclar Center
Dake Schwarte, MBA, Director of Operations, Sclar Center

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  1. May 11, 2014

    Dr Sclar, Inspirational stuff!
    Interesting that you mention about low fee implant services – How do you plan that?

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