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Students in my surgical training courses often seek my advice about developing a successful dental implant practice.

I tell them that beyond developing clinical competence and confidence in interdisciplinary diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment to achieve the best functional and esthetic results for their patients — and beyond developing excellent documentation and digital imagery for communication, they need to develop the trust and satisfaction of their patients and referring colleagues. They need to become an attractive practice that is thought about and talked about in the most positive terms.

A philosophy of care guides the practice towards attractiveness.

My administrative and clinical employees have proactively worked with me to create a practice that is patient focused, or in the industry parlance, “relationship based.” We are highly productive and successful in meeting the needs of our patients and attracting new patients. I am convinced this is due to a high level of empathy throughout the practice team.

What we strive for is to be compassionate and to deliver the best possible experience for each and every one of our patients. This includes personalized caring attention, thoughtful preparation, comprehensive communication, the highest level of clinical competency, and pro-active post-treatment care and communication.

We know a number of significant factors go into understanding a patient’s circumstances and developing a comprehensively informed diagnosis and treatment plan. A number of significant factors go into a patient’s decision to accept treatment. We take time to know our patients as people, to understand their oral health circumstances, and to learn from them their oral health goals. We take time to communicate well with their referring dentist and other care team members. This is all prior to planning treatment and communicating a treatment plan to each patient in concert with the referring clinician. We take time to educate patients about their circumstances and recommended surgery.

Fortunately, I am an outgoing, talkative person. I find it easy to communicate with my patients and colleagues. I’ve always had the knack for asking questions and teaching. I am passionate about educating others. I enjoy the interactive parts of my practice as much as the highly technical-clinical aspects of treating patients. I feel very fortunate in this regard. I also enjoy the business aspects of running a practice.

Basically, I love what I do day in and day out. We enjoy our patients. We find lots of things to smile about throughout the day, and we truly appreciate the significant work we are entrusted to do. We never forget each patient is a whole person with needs, concerns and feelings. As long as the pre-eminent concern we have is for what is in each patient’s best interest, each and every day, I feel we are on the right path.

The entire clinical and administrative team that supports the work I do at the Sclar Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Practice in Miami, Florida is exceptionally well trained, professional and compassionate. These attributes of the team drive our success. We’ve invested in becoming harmonious in our working together and agreeing upon the priorities and values of the practice. This is attractive to not only the team members but also to the people we serve.

One of the impacts The Sclar Center for Empowered Dental Implant Learning has had on the profession is providing a place where specialists and general dentists can observe my practice team at work.

I am proud of my team and give them credit for making “Us” successful in serving our patients and providing learning opportunities for others developing dental implant practices.

My philosophy of care boils down to two words: compassion and excellence. Patient satisfaction and referrals boil down to these two things as well. That’s attractiveness.


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