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Marketing gurus in our profession frequently tell us practice marketing begins with communicating our value proposition. If we are new in practice or shifting focus, they frequently tell us to envision what we want our practice to be like and set goals for ourselves that will develop our value and set us apart.

What are important distinguishers for a thriving implant dentistry practice?

This is a question that comes up regularly in our dental implant surgery training classes at the Sclar Center. I thought about this some more today, as the discussions this question opens up are very empowering to participants in our courses.

At the top of my mind are these points:

  • Being on top of the latest changes in dental implants is important, but being capable of performing procedures with the confidence that you will achieve excellent functional and esthetic results is more important. Don’t overreach your competence.
  • Showing you are credentialed, i.e., that you have completed advanced training is important, but once again, being capable of performing procedures with predictably fine results is more important. Your expertise must be genuine. Develop it.
  • Do not under estimate the value patients place on esthetics. You must develop your skills to achieve excellent esthetic results, or you will end up with dissatisfied patients.
  • Empathy and compassion are very big distinguishers. Make sure your entire staff is empathetic.
  • A truly happy staff can be a big distinguisher.
  • Always care about the patient more than personal financial gain. Understand and care about what is in the patient’s best interest. If you genuinely care for each patient as a whole person, it will show.
  • Intentionally schedule time with patients to converse and not be hurried. Schedule appointments so the time each patient has to wait in your reception and operatory is minimized.
  • It’s important to promptly share case records, including digital images, with referring doctors. Communicate that you want to be of collaborative assistance on diagnosis and treatment planning so your colleagues view you as a valued member of their interdisciplinary team — and just as importantly so treatment can be presented by all involved clinicians with clarity and congruence that gives the patient confidence to move forward.
  • Being fluent in the benefits of your services will help the public understand the value of what you have to offer. You are in the business of providing services that create or restore mouths to healthy, pain free function and naturally esthetic appearance. Intentionally communicate that dental implants, expertly done by you, can significantly improve the quality of life. Perhaps, you can communicate this in very approachable and persuasive ways better than other practitioners via your conversations, website, brochures, and local publications.
  • Among your colleagues and in the public earn a reputation for minimizing the risk of potential problems and solving problems.
  • Be exacting, unhurried and well prepared to meet the needs of patients and even exceed expectations.
  • Set up a system for getting patient feedback, and respond appropriately to improve the level of your services. A visible feedback system is a distinguisher. Seek to earn trust and satisfaction in your relationships. The higher the trust and the higher the satisfaction, the more relationship capital you have in the practice, and the more word-of-mouth marketing you can count on.
  • Stay in touch with your practice contacts. Reinforce satisfaction and loyalty through frequent communication with your patients, referring colleagues and vendors. Let them know what is new in your practice in the way of your training, services, staff, and practice goals. You want them to feel like valued and remembered friends and family.


  1. April 22, 2012

    Good job, Tony.

  2. May 3, 2012

    Thoughtful and timely insights that transcend the Dental Implant Practice. Thank you for sharing your thoughts

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